Want to get into cycling but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Bicycles of Tulsa’s vast inventory caters to the needs of every rider from the casual neighborhood expedition and river cruises to weekend warriors on the road or the mountain. This guide aims to help you decide exactly which one of these riders you are.

I want to ride casually and comfortably, mostly on Riverside or around my neighborhood. 

 What you’re most likely looking for is a comfort bike. The most common comfort bike is the comfort-hybrid. This bike has larger narrower wheels than a standard comfort bike or cruiser, but still keeps you in a very comfortable upright position. Most bikes in this category are going to include comfort amenities like suspensions forks and seat posts as well as gel seats. These are ideal for easy cruises and enjoying the scenery.

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I want to ride casually and comfortably, but over longer distances for fitness or commuting purposes.

 If longer rides for fitness and commuting are your goal then a performance hybrid or a flat-bar road bike might just be up your alley. These styles of bikes give up some of the comfort features like suspensions forks and seat posts in favor of a light weight rigid frame for added efficiency but still keep you in a fairly upright riding position that keeps pressure off of your hands and shoulders. Performance hybrids are ideal for anything from a leisurely cruise to rides up to 30+ miles.

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I want to ride on dirt and rock trails in the woods, like Turkey Mountain or Keystone Lake.

 So you want to play in the dirt, eh? Maybe you want to dodge some trees, rocks, and the occasional woodland creature. Sounds like you want a mountain bike. Mountain bikes in general are going to be beefier: larger tubing frames, wider wheels, bigger knobby tires, and hardcore suspensions. These guys are made to be thrown around on the trails; they’re at home in the woods and on the mountainside. They can roll on the concrete, but they won’t roll well as their knobby tires and lax suspensions become less efficient when they don’t have rough terrain to soak up. Over the years the mountain bike genre has grown by leaps and bounds. With the addition of rear suspensions and the transition to 29” wheels, there are more options than ever to accommodate your riding style. Stop on in for the full tour.

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I’m ready to take the next step in cycling. I want to ride long distances at a fast pace for fitness, competition, or touring.

So maybe you’ve seen the Tour de France or made it downtown to see the exciting races at Tulsa Tough and decided “that could be me”; maybe you’ve got some coworkers that go out for group rides on the weekends and you want to be able to keep up on their 40-70 mile rides; or maybe you just want to ride for hours at a time and experience the countryside while you get a good workout. If any of these even kind of apply to you, you might want to think about getting a road bike. Road bikes take efficiency to the next level using lighter and stiffer materials like aircraft quality aluminum and exotic carbon fiber to make sure you get the most out of each pedal stroke. Like the mountain bike the road bike has a lot of options to cater your specific needs. Different frame geometries, materials, and component specs can completely change the bikes overall feel in different situations. There are even other types of road bikes like the time-trial bike, built for fast paced solo riding like that done in a triathlon, or the cyclocross bike, a bike that looks like a road bike but is made for more adventurous terrain. To get the full experience and find the right road bike for your desires stop on in and let one of our salesman help you make the right choice.

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