Do you want to be able to keep up on the 40-70 mile rides? Or maybe you just want to ride for hours at a time and experience the countryside while you get a good workout.
If any of these apply to you might want to think about getting a road bike.
Road bikes take efficiency to the next level using lighter and stiffer materials like aircraft quality aluminum and exotic carbon fiber to make sure you get the most out of each pedal stroke.
Like the mountain bike the road bike has a lot of options to cater your specific needs. Different frame geometries, materials, and component specs can completely change the bikes overall feel in different situations. There are even other types of road bikes like the time-trial bike, built for fast paced solo riding like that done in a triathlon, or the cyclocross bike, a bike that looks like a road bike but is made for more adventurous terrain.
To get the full experience and find the right road bike for your desires stop on in and let one of our salesman help you make the right choice.

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Intricate Swiss engineering is a given when you’re talking about BMC Switzerland. This premium approach to bikes goes back to 1994, when we began in Grenchen, Switzerland, where we’re still housed today. With just 120 employees and three global offices, you could be surprised at the extent of our innovation. Our in-house Impec Lab is the beating heart of our research and development thanks to some of the brightest minds in the industry keeping us at the cutting edge of design. After extensive development, our collection naturally becomes the choice of the world’s top athletes, who go on to win such races as the Tour de France, Team Time Trials, World Championships of various disciplines, and numerous Ironman Championships. The sport of cycling is evolving at a breakneck speed – and we at the front of the bunch, pushing the pace
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