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So you want to play in the dirt, eh? Maybe you want to dodge some trees, rocks, and the occasional woodland creature. Sounds like you want a mountain bike. Mountain bikes in general are going to be beefier: larger tubing frames, wider wheels, bigger knobby tires, and hardcore suspensions. These guys are made to be thrown around on the trails; they’re at home in the woods and on the mountainside. They can roll on the concrete, but they won’t roll well as their knobby tires and lax suspensions become less efficient when they don’t have rough terrain to soak up. Over the years the mountain bike genre has grown by leaps and bounds. With the addition of rear suspensions and the transition to 27.5″ and 29” wheels, there are more options than ever to accommodate your riding style. Stop on in for the full tour.

Giant has pioneered advancements in both aluminum and composite engineering. We introduced the first affordable carbon fiber bike, the Cadex 980 C, and revolutionized high-performance road bikes with our Compact Road Design. In mountain biking, Giant’s Maestro Suspension established a new level of performance for off-road riding and racing.

Over the last four decades, Giant has grown well beyond its manufacturing roots to become the world’s leading brand of quality bicycles and gear. With more than 12,000 retail partners worldwide, we aim to inspire adventure in all riders, from casual to competitive.

Giant bikes win world championships. They win design awards, too. But most importantly, they win the hearts of riders who choose to make cycling a part of their lives. We support that choice. We think it makes the world a better place.

Giant aims to be a trusted friend on every road, path and trail that unfolds before you. We’re proud to be part of your cycling adventures.

Giant Mountain Bikes

On the mountain bike side, Cannondale started the dual suspension revolution way back in 1990 by introducing the Delta V E.S.T., the industry’s first dual suspension bike, and followed it up with the equally radical Super V and Scalpel platforms. Our riders dominated the cross country and downhill scene into the new millennium with the biggest names in dirt like Cadel Evans, Alison Sydor, Missy Giove, Cedric Gracia, Christophe Sauser, Anne-Caroline Chausson, Tinker Juarez and Brian Lopes to name a few. The creation of The Cut freeride crew brought together the audacious riding talents of Aaron Chase, Chris Van Dine and Mick Hannah. Our technologies like HeadShok, Lefty, innovative suspension and optimized aluminum and carbon design directly translated into race victories and riding that continually pushed the limits of what’s possible on a bike.

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