What is gravel riding ?
Gravel riding, aka gravel grinding or adventure riding, is an increasingly popular form of cycling that combines elements of road- and mountain-biking, and consisting mostly of distance riding over unpaved roads. Whether dirt roads or gravel roads, trails must consist of non-technical and unsurfaced roads to qualify as gravel riding. Since cities mostly have paved roads for commuters, gravel riding trails are usually located in rural areas. This tends to afford opportunity to discover some incredibly scenic sites that one can only witness during an adventure off the beaten path.

Old wagon trails, forest roads, canal paths, and more can lead to exploring the unexplored. Gravel riding is known for adding an element of thrill and a hint of danger to the cycling experience with its namesake rocky terrain and uneven ground. It takes cycling to the next level and provides riders with exhilarating discoveries. The captivating scenery along the way makes gravel grinding one of the most aesthetically pleasing riding adventures possible.
– RedShiftSports

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